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Resume Preparation Service

Crossroads Consulting provides a resume preparation service to help get your resume noticed by a potential employer and in turn increase your chances of getting that all important interview.


At Crossroads Consulting, the rule is that it's not just what you say but how you say it!


Remember KISS? No, not the legendary rock band, but the acronym -Keep It Simple Stupid!


That's the secret to a great resume?A fancy resume doesn't mean more interviews?in fact often it means less. According to recent articles on the net, resumes get viewed on average for about ten seconds. If you don?t WOW someone in those precious seconds, basically you're done.


We keep it simple and that's what makes our resume preparation service such an invaluable tool to job seekers.


Resumes we produce ? produce results.


Crossroads Consulting will return your revised resume to you after it's been reviewed, optimized and often reformatted usually within 24 hours?and at a VERY affordable price.


Please follow these instructions carefully:

  • Email your resume in Word 97-2003 format to
  • Complete the below mentioned form and press Continue to PayPal button
  • You will leave this site and will be redirected to payment gateway on the PayPal secure server
  • If we don?t need further information to complete this task, you will receive a revised resume that will be more appealing to employers in most cases in less than 24 hours.

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