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Job Details
Job Title: Fire Sprinkler System Engineering Manager (Full Time)
Industry: Fire Protection
State, City: NY,New York City
Salary: $100K - $125K
No. of Vacancy: 1
Key Word: Fire Sprinkler System Engineering Manager
Posted On: 30th Oct 2016
Job Description: Fire Sprinkler System Engineering Manager - New York, NY

Here's an opportunity that's rarer than a day without any Kardashians in the news...

This job has more of a future and more potential than Anthony Weiner has screen names.

This is a BIG deal!

Our client is one of the most respected leaders in the fire sprinkler industry. Based in New York City, they are looking for a senior level manager who will manage a team of 12 (ten engineers and two support personnel). You' ll need to be able not only to manage these people but if need be, to sit down with them and talk turkey and if it comes to it, even do the work yourself.

Our client wants someone VERY hands-on...nobody is a passenger on their business train... Everybody contributes.

If you are NOT in the Fire Sprinkler industry, then you do NOT do the job. They are not interested in just a manager. They want a do-er!

Our client would prefer to find someone from a competitive company or someone who has owned their own fire sprinkler company before. As written above, they want a heavy hands-on management type from a Fire Sprinkler company environment. That's Fire SPRINKLER, NOT Fire ALARM.

Salary is in the $100K - $125K range plus benefits and bonus. For someone exceptional, they may go a bit more.

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