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If the answer is "YES!" then maybe Crossroads Consulting can help.


Crossroads Consulting has been making placements at all levels of employment from Entry Level to Senior Executive since 1996. President and Owner, Mitchell R. Beck, is proud to announce that Crossroads Consulting has now truly become a full-service, Employment Agency and Executive Search Firm by now offering our expertise in designing and customizing your resume, cover letter and thank-you note and will also meet with you to help you to prepare for interviews as well. We will help you to present yourself in the best possible light with individualized interviewing improvement techniques. Crossroads Consulting is not offering career counseling. We don't do that. What we are offering however is our help in assisting you to fulfill your career dreams and we will do it at very affordable prices.


What qualifies us to help you?


Mitch Beck has spent nearly 20 years in front of audiences as both a Radio Personality and as a Stand-Up Comedian. Mitch also has been very successful over his 10+ years of experience as an Executive Recruiter. Countless times as a performer, Mitch has successfully interviewed, been interviewed and has auditioned for individuals and to small and large groups. He has first hand knowledge of what does and does not work and more importantly, he's sympathetic to understanding how stressful those situations can be. Mitch has learned how to overcome them and will share his insight and experiences with you so that you can overcome the challenges that face you in this tight job market.



Over these past 5 years Mitch Beck and his staff at Crossroads Consulting have seen thousands of resumes and hundreds of people coming through its doors and we have learned what resumes draw the attention of Hiring Managers and those that do not. We have seen the various ways that people approach interviews and what techniques they've used to get a particular job and the difficulties that people have run into that prevented them from getting the job they were seeking. If you think this process is difficult to do, it doesn't have to be anymore. We will help!


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