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In the fall of 1996 Mitch Beck was at a personal "Crossroads." Alone and out of work he had to make a decision about his future. Mitch had spent 20+ years as an innovative Radio Personality & Comedian and had also worked on and off as an Executive Recruiter in the Employment industry since his childhood as his mother owned an Employment Agency. So Mitch decided that he wanted to add something he hadn't had in his life in quite some time, no, not a date, but employment stability. So Mitch borrowed $5,000 from a friend, took out his 3 ring notebook filled with fresh ideas and dreams of success and Crossroads Consulting, LLC was born.




Crossroads Consulting, LLC is a full-service Employment Agency and Executive Search firm whose mission is to help people find genuinely rewarding employment and assisting companies find the dedicated, hard-working professionals they seek.



Mitch knew for Crossroads Consulting, LLC to be successful his company had to be unique from the other zillion other employment agencies out there. Crossroads Consulting, LLC had to be radically different, so the approach was that Crossroads Consulting, LLC had to be fun to talk to and easy to deal with. Mitch figured what better way to do make his company different from  all the other employment agencies and search firms out there was to use his sense of humor to change the way things are done in the employment industry and in effect Crossroads Consulting, LLC would put the 'Human' back into 'Human Resources'.


Mitch Beck explains "the next step was to decide whether we would be a niche employment agency or not. Since the only real corporate knowledge that I had was that Barney Rubble's actual occupation was an Accountant (it's true look it up) that kind of ruled out niche work, so being a generalist was a must.  It also limited the 'sounding like a moron factor' which I was also kind of concerned about?"


From its inception, Crossroads Consulting, LLC has held to it's foundation principals of unquestionable Integrity, only the highest standards of excellence and above all things honoring "The Golden Rule." This has resulted in Crossroads Consulting, LLC successfully placing all levels of employees from Entry to Senior Level Executives in a wide-variety of industries all across the country.


Crossroads Consulting, LLC works with large and small companies alike. Our service charge is affordable to any budget, and we offer a guarantee program suited to extend every opportunity to maximize your time in evaluating a new employee.


Okay, so this wasn't the funniest thing you've ever read. Alright, it was hardly funny at all, but the bottom line is that we take a great deal of pride in the candidates and client companies that we serve. So you see, the "real joke" is that we take "our jokes" very seriously and we care about the candidates and our client companies that we proudly serve. If you have any further questions, I hope you'll give us a call.


Remember at Crossroads Consulting, LLC we're a totally different breed of employment agency and executive search firm. At Crossroads Consulting, LLC our goal is, putting the 'Human' back into 'Human Resources'.


Thank-you for your time and consideration,

Mitch Beck




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