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A full-time, permanent placement executive search firm & employment agency.

Crossroads Consulting, LLC is the world's most unique Executive Recruiting / Employment Agency / Search Firm.

Where else can you find Recruiters who use humor and a relaxed environment to bring together highly effective professionals and some of the nation's best employers?

Crossroads Consulting, LLC offers a wide range of services for job seekers, from resume writing to interview preparation to salary negotiation strategies and so much more.

But let's drop all of this really heavy-handed, "professional" pretense.

Our philosophy is simple; not everything in life needs to be harsh, dispassionate and cold... If you really wanted to be treated like that, there's always DMV.

But seriously, since 1996 our generalist recruiting experience has allowed us to serve a wide array of clients with a unique business model that separates us from the rest of the employment industry as being among the best Executive Recruiters in the business.

While Crossroads Consulting, LLC find all kinds of work, we do find however that our strongest work has come in the following specialty areas:

* Accounting
* Administrative & Clerical
* Creative
* Engineering & Technical
* Finance
* Legal
* Medical & Science
* Sales
* And just about every business vertical and mode of work!

Crossroads Consulting, LLC is THE executive recruiting firm.

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